The Department of Town Planning started functioning in 1957 with head quarters at Thiruvananthapuram and regional offices at Ernakulam and Kozhikode, mainly to ensure planned development of urban settlements in the State. Later, giving due respect to the unique scattered development pattern of settlements as well as the rural urban continuum prevalent in the state, it was decided to widen the field of activity of the Department by covering the rural settlements as well. Accordingly, in 1999, this Department was renamed as the ‘Department of Town and Country Planning’ in the context of 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments.

The district offices of the dept. of Town & Country Planning were appointed as spatial planning wings of DPC’s vide G.O. [Rt.] No. 2003 / 99 / LAD dated. 22 – 6 – 99.The officers of this Department are nominated as members of various sectoral committees of Corporations and Municipalities to advice on the importance of spatial planning in decentralized planning system.


  • Preparation of various Plans at  State , District and Local level (Master Plans and Detailed Town Planning Schemes )
  • Statutory Approvals for constructions & land developments as per KMBR, KPBR & Town Planning Schemes
  • Drafting Legislations & Government Policies on settlement planning and development.
  • Technical secretariat of the Art & Heritage Commission.
  • To advise the LSGIs and Government on matters related to planning and development of settlements.
  • Spatial Planning Wing of the DPC.