Residential Flats in City Corporations And Municipalities in Kerala - 2006

Kerala one of the smaller state has to accommodate about 2542 persons in a square kilometer in urban area. Finding a shelter with secure in urban area became a difficult task for the migrants from the rural as well as from other parts of the state and this gradually led the popularity of ‘Residential flats’ in urban area. Without any bother of land purchasing, seeking permission for construction, cost of materials, or even labour charges, one can simply possess a shelter according to their pockets.

The report on ‘Residential flats in city corporations and Municipalities in Kerala’ was published in 1996, firstly, by this department is now updated to 31.3.2006. As per the present survey there are 840 apartments in all over the states except Idukki, Wayanad and Malappuram where the construction of Residential flats are not yet been started. The survey covered only all apartments having 4 floors and above.

In this report ‘Apartment’ means Apartment Blocks and ‘Flat’ means Residential units in Apartment Block.

Reports & Graphs


•  District wise number of apartments constructed during different periods.

•  Percentage distribution of flats according to owner occupied, rental and vacant - District wise.

•  Classification of apartments according to number of floors - District wise.

•  Classification of dwelling units according to number of bedrooms- District wise.

•  Distribution of flats in apartments – District wise

•  Percentage of parking facilities in the apartments - District wise.

•  Apartments having lift facility and emergency staircase – District wise

•  Distribution of apartments by source of water and sewerage facility – District wise

•  Distribution of apartments according to nature of surrounding area.

•  Number of Government & Private Apartments

•  Details of apartments having 5 floors and above - District wise