Palakkad is the largest District in Kerala. Palakkad fort, Malamppuzha dam, Silent valley, Nellyampathy is the famous tourist destinations in the district. Malamppuzha dam is the largest dam in Kerala. “Kalpathi Agraharam” is the heritage village in the District.

As per 2011 census, the population of the district is 2809934. The male population and female population are 1359478 and 1450456 respectively; the sex ratio is 1067.The population growth rate for the last decade is 7.35 %. The Census 2011 records the number of households as 637220 with an average household size of 4.41. The average density of population is 627 persons/square kilometre. The literacy rate and work force participation ratio (WFPR) are 89.3% and 37.1% respectively.

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