Outlay 2018-19: Rs.  100 Lakhs

  • Objectives:
    • Conversion to Paperless System.
    • Provision of Modern facilities Computers & Peripherals, Modern Survey Equipments 


    • To focus on various aspects of human settlement planning and development

Study taken up:

    • Works related to preparation & printing of Reports for the R&D work “Preparation of Trip generation Manual”  is ongoing in RTP, Kozhikode.
    • Works related to the R&D work “Bus Route Planning for Kozhikode Urban Area” is going on in RTP, Kozhikode.
    • Study on “Conservation/ Development of Paddy/Wetland in Kochi City Region” is in progress. (Consultants : KITCO Ltd)

Proposed Works:

    • Parking Policy for Kozhikode Urban Area
    • Urban Slums

Completed Works:

  • 32 Towns in Phase 1 – List and status
  • 33 Towns in Phase 2 – List and status
  • 26 Towns in Phase 3 – List and status
  • Status of Master Plans


Outlay 2018-19: Rs.  1 Lakhs


  • Supporting scheme of the NUIS.
    • Prepared a Data base for town planning applications for the state.
    • Created a Plot Level GIS Database for Malappuram Municipality.

Integrated District Development Plan/ Local Development Plan (IDDP/LDP)  [2217-80-800-83]

Outlay 2018-19: Rs  50 Lakhs

Outlay 2018-19: Rs. 10 Lakhs


  • Publication of Heritage Series of selected districts
  • Identification and documentation of selected streets having heritage values.
  • Awareness campaign on Heritage Conservation.
  • Technical Secretarial Services of Art & Heritage Commission

Outlay 2018-19: Rs.15 Lakhs


  • Specialized training programme for the technical staff in Transportation, GIS, Remote sensing, Environment, Disaster management, Planning etc.
  • Conducting Workshops/Seminars
  • Post-graduate training programme in T& C Planning
  • Training of apprentices under Apprenticeship Act.
  • In-service short training programs


Environmental Protection Act related Training conducted in the Year 2018

Schedule of training program


In district offices






 Idukki- പരിസ്ഥിതി സൗഹൃദ വികസന൦ – ബോധവൽക്കരണ ശില്പശാല 24.05.18  





Outlay 2018-19: Rs.  1 Lakhs


  • Scheme to Develop GIS Database for 5 Towns
    • Utility Mapping for Kochi done
    • Ground Verification Completed for 1:2k and 1:10k Maps provided by Survey of India for all 5 Towns

Outlay 2018-19: Rs.15 Lakhs


  • Procurement & upgradation of GIS Hardware & Software and Development of Internet Map Server/ GIS Interface  – included in Green Book document 2016-17
  • Hosting of all sanctioned/ published Master Plans (either raster/ vector format) for public viewing, in 2016-17 itself
  • Interactive Web GIS (IMS) will be developed in consultation with IT Department


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